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Why Use TV Ears

Thousands of satisfied customers and thousands of quiet televisions!

Everyone has different reasons to enjoy TV Ears wireless headphones!

Who Uses TV Ears

People of all ages living with hearing loss use TV Ears in a variety of ways to make watching television more enjoyable. If you don’t own hearing aids, TV Ears is an excellent first step in evaluating how TV audio amplification can help you. If you already own hearing aids, find out why TV Ears are a great complement to your hearing aids and why they work better than hearing aids for watching television.

Does loud TV create stress in the home for others?

For many people, the answer is probably "YES!" Whether you have normal hearing or hearing loss, loud TV volume can be stressful for family members in the home. When one or more family members have a hearing loss, they can no longer watch television together because they have different volume requirements. You can eliminate the frustration and arguments that come with loud TV, while allowing everyone to fully enjoy television viewing. Wearing TV Ears wireless headphones allows an individual to set their own volume, tone, and balance while the rest of the family can set the television volume to their liking. TV Ears brings the family back together and returns peace and quiet to the home.

Distracting Environment

Sometimes watching television involves battling the environment; children, family conversations, dishwashers, air conditioners, fans, music, neighbors, or outside noises. In these situations, wearing hearing aids won’t help because the hearing aids pick up these environmental sounds along with the television volume. TV Ears wireless headphones brings the television volume directly to your ears without interference from the environment. You will hear every word clearly regardless of how crazy things are around you.

Volume Off TV

Sometimes television can’t be watched because loved ones are nearby sleeping or reading and can’t be disturbed. With TV Ears, you can have the television volume turned off and still hear the volume in the TV Ears wireless headset. So now that we figured out how to keep the television quiet, the question is... can you be?

Here are just some of the ways you can use and enjoy TV Ears:

•Understand every word on TV
•Enjoy rich TV sound
•Perfect for people with hearing loss
•No more loud TV volume
•Stop disturbing others
•Perfect for normal hearing
•His and hers for the bedroom , purchase an extra headset
•Enjoy TV together
•Perfect for the living room
•Late night TV
•Use in public facilities
•In autos and RVs
•With video rental
•For guests
•Kids' bedrooms
•TV video games
•Home stereos or portable audio devices
•Home computers, and
•Many more uses

What if I need to hear better or have hearing aids?

As we get older, our hearing loss is a normal process for millions of people. If you struggle to hear TV, you need TV Ears! Whether you have mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, or even no hearing loss, TV Ears wireless headphones help you hear every word clearly. Imagine watching your favorite programs, and actually being able to hear every sound and word - it will change your life!

Hundreds of Thousands of people like you have already learned how TV Ears makes life better!