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TV Ears manufactures doctor recommended TV listening solutions. These solutions have helped over 1,000,000 people hear the television clearly and once again enjoy what they are watching bringing families back together and returning tranquility to the home.

TV Ears helps you hear every word clearly.

TV Ears Patented Technology includes a revolutionary noise reduction ear tip originally developed for US Air Force pilots and is not found in any other commercially available wireless TV headset. The patented self-molding TV Ears Tips create an acoustically sealed chamber with the ear that reduces room noise and provides unparalleled comfort, cleanliness, and clarity for outstanding word discrimination so television dialog is clear and understandable.

TV Ears television listening devices have been promoted and sold by audiologists and hearing care professionals for many years. They understand that each person's hearing is different, particularly if they have hearing loss. That's why it is so important to have individual volume, tone, and balance control for a custom solution for your hearing problem.

The TV Operates as Usual For Others in the Room

When you use TV Ears it does not affect the normal operation of your television's volume function. Your television's volume can be set at a normal, lowered or muted volume while the person wearing TV Ears can set their wireless TV headset volume to the level they prefer.

Works With Any TV —Installation is Easy!

TV Ears systems are compatible with satellite, cable, digital and HD TV.

TV Ears wireless tv listening devices are easy to install and include everything you need to hook up to any TV. We have operators standing by to help you with any questions you may have.

TV Ears Complements Hearing Aids

You may find TV Ears works better than hearing aids for watching television because they bring sound right from your TV directly to your ears without picking up competing sounds in the room. Sounds from dishwashers, air conditioners, fans, music, family conversations or outside noises will not be amplified by TV Ears.

Here are just some of the benefits:

Set volume, tone, and balance to preferred levels.

•Wireless and Comfortable

Lightweight, under-the-chin wireless headset design provides hours of comfortable use when sitting or reclining with a range from 600sq ft for our most affordable system, up to 3000 sq/ft. in the Home Theater system.

•Money Saving Rechargeable Battery
Wireless Headset has an internal rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours on a 1 hour charge.

•Voice Enhancement Technology - VET
TV Ears' Voice Enhancement Technology, VET, automatically increases the volume of hard to hear words and lowers the volume of overwhelming background sounds so television dialog is clear and understandable. This is accomplished through a special micro chip that monitors words and sounds and instantaneously adjusts their volume up or down based upon their frequency so background sounds stay in the background and hard to hear words jump out.

•Automatic Commercial Control (ACC)
Adjusts volume so you won't get blasted with sound when a commercial starts. Imagine no more loud commercials!

•Powerful Amplification
120 decibels of power, up to three times the power of other headsets.

•Expands to Connect With Other Devices
Input/output jacks and a wide array of accessories can expand the use of TV Ears beyond hearing audio from your television. (This is for TV Ears Professional model only & accessories must be purchased separately)

Choose the TV Ears TV Listening System That's Right For You

TV Ears 3.0 :
This is our most popular and affordable wireless TV headset.

TV Ears Digital: This is our professional grade wireless headset system with Digital Transmitter. The TV Ears Digital has the additional ability to amplify PCM Digital TV signals as well as cell phones, home and business phones, computers, music players, and act as a simple hearing device amplifying voices during one-on-one communication or in group settings.

TV Ears Professional: This is our professional grade wireless headset system. The Professional has the additional ability to amplify cell phones, home and business phones, computers, music players, and act as a simple hearing device amplifying voices during one-on-one communication or in group settings.

TV Ears Wireless Speaker: This is our wireless speaker system which lets you listen to your television's audio close-by so you won’t need to turn up the volume as much. Because the speaker’s volume operates independently of the television, it enables the user to turn the television’s volume down or completely off.

Imagine watching your favorite TV programs and actually being able to hear every word. It will change your life! If you are dealing with the frustration and arguments that arise from turning up your TV volume too loud —TV Ears is the solution.